Well come to my website.My name Mitsuki "me-too-key", but easy to say Mickey.
And Kitayama means North mountain.
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Place of birth:Fujisawa Dec.6th 1967

Mitsuki Kitayama is a Japanese Pop music singer, songwriter.
She started her career as a singer during her college days at Senzoku Gakuen.
After graduating,she contineud to sing in music club, Chanson,Latin music and Japanese popular songs.

Finally she gets a chance.
2013 she made her debut with single CD "Anatatano Egao ~tutu Aloha~ (Your brave smile)"
Now she appears in the media, as a glamorous singer. also known as being a radio personality.

about "Anatano Egao ~tutu Aloha~"

Now you can see a lot of Japanese tourist in Hawai'i.
They carry big luggage full of souvenirs
And back to hometown happily.

But almost everyone doesn't know the history of immigration generation.
The immigrants couldn't return home, if they wish.
Instead, they got hard labor like holehole.

And a folk song written called holehole-bushi

Time passed, the outbreak of the Pacific war.
Japanese immigrants were involved in war.
They had to be served for USA, not Japan.

After war, they got peaceful days,
Then, have they forgetten their hometown?
They continued to keep traditions, and this song.

Your brave smile ~tutu aloha~ by D-music

Tourists come, and go
Lug around, to and fro
Never know, memories ancient woe

Just remember the song
You and me sang along
Itfs the story, old and long

Yuko ka American y? (Shall I go on to America)
Kaero ka Nihon (Or return to Japan)
Koko ga shian no (This is my dilemma)
Hawai koku (Here in Hawai'i)

Over the sea, you miss your sea
Itfs your places, you never back, just see

You smiled at me so sweet
grandma I miss you
tutu aloha

Sugarcane remain
through the wind , fields are stayin'
But they know memories of funeral train

Sing alone the song
You and me sang along
Itfs the story, old and long

Yokohama deru tokya yo (When I left Yokohama)
Namida ga deta ga (I cried as I sailed out)
Ima-jya ko mo aru (But now I have children)
Mago mo aru (And even grandchildren, too.)

Made up your mind, portion in life
Here is your home, your family and me

You smiled at me so lovely
grandma I miss you
Tutu aloha

die for who's land
what in your hand
a fool of fate, you saw your boys to go

but your brave smile
hands down to me your precious song
Get your wish, I know
My turn
must be told the past
My turn
tutu aloha


Anatano Egao ~tutu Aloha~ (Your brave smile)
coupling with
Hanabi #9 (Fireworks number nine)

CD number TKCA-90534


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